Since 2008, Navid Hejazi has worked on more than a hundred productions including feature films, documentaries and TV shows, some of them from Hollywood studios Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, 20th Century Studio, Lionsgate and Bad Robot Productions. Some of the titles are documentary “Victor Walk” (2016) and feature films “Sharknado”, “The Pyramid”, “I’m Not Here” (J.K. Simmons), “Crypto” (Kurt Russell), “Trauma Center” (Bruce Willis), “Alone”, “Viper Club” (Susan Sarandon), “Take Back” (Mickey Rourke), “Paydirt” (Val Kilmer), “The Wrath Of Becky” (Seann William Scott), “1st Born” (Tom Berenger), “Sun Children” (by director Majid Majidi), “The Girl In The Photographs” (by producer Wes Craven) and “Lou” (by producer J.J. Abrams). Some of these titles have been streamed on Fox, NBC, HBO, Syfy, Netflix, and Movistar +. Navid also provides original music to Dreamworks Animation Television.