“THE ACTOR” – Additional music and solo performance (open image to listen)

I had the chance to be additional composer and also record violin and viola solos on Ramin Kousha’s score for the TV series “The Actor”, winner of The Grand Prize at Series Mania Festival 2023 in France.

“LEILA’S BROTHERS” – Strings performance on the main theme (open image to listen)

I performed violin and viola on Ramin Kousha’s excellent theme for the movie “Leila’s Brothers“. The film was part of the official selection at Cannes Festival 2023!

“ARMY OF ONE” – Music theme for action

Orchestral theme for big action.

“CLASH” – Music for epic battle

This music was made for an action scene or trailer.

“THE KID BEHIND THE IRON DOOR” soundtrack has been released! (open image to listen)

Plaza Mayor Company has released my soundtrack for the film “The Kid Behind The Iron Door“, directed by Farnaz Samiinia. The film has been awarded at different international film festivals. For this scored I created original traditional Persian-like melodies mixed with French accordion rhythmic patterns.

“SICK” – String arrangements and performance (open image to listen)

I recently did string arrangements and performed solo strings on Nima Fakhrara’s score for the feature film “Sick“, now available on Peacock!

“MEDEA XXI” – Original music for the theater play (one image to listen)

In 2022 I had the chance to create the music for the Spain theater play “Medea XXI”, using ancient chants, choir and percussion to take us back to Ancient Greece. The music is now available online!

“DRAGON CAFFI” soundtrack by Game Music Town (open image to listen)

The soundtrack for “Dragon Caffi“, the Nintendo Switch release game, is available online! The music has been created by Game Music Town, company on which I am co-founder.

“TRIPLEKADES: CHESS PUZZLE” – Audio for the video game (open image to dow

Game Music Town was in charge of creating original music and sound effects for the video game “Triplekades: Chess Puzzle“. The game is available now at the App Store and Google Play!

“BENITO” soundtrack has been released! (open image to listen)

The soundtrack for “Benito” is out! Released by Plaza Mayor Company (UK based record label), the score combines mainly small and bigger string ensembles. The film is a biographical story about one of the most succesful novelists during the XIXth Century in Spain, and focuses on his first romantic love story and his decision to leave his hometown later on, looking to open his possibilities as a writer. It is a romantic drama that required an emotional score written in a more modern film music style.

“VAMPIRE HUNTER” – Music for horror/action

This track was made for an action scene in a horror movie.

“LOU” – Orchestration and special strings (open image to listen)

I recently worked on Nima Fakhrara’s score for the movie “Lou” as head orchestrator and recording special strings.

“OVERFLYING THE FALLS” – Music for documentary

Music for a documentary where I used African based rhythms and powerful synthesizers mixed with original chants.

“American Carnage” – Additional arrangements (open image to listen)

I recently worked on Nima Fakhrara’s score for “American Carnage” doing additional arrangements and recording string solos.

“DRAGON CAFFI” – Original music for the Nintendo Switch release video game (open image to watch trailer)

Working with Game Music Town, I had the chance to co-create the soundtrack for the 2022 Nintendo Switch release game “Dragon Caffi”, a fantasy adventure where the score goes from Christmas music to more orchestral string arrangements and folk acoustic guitars.

“NEURA MECHANICUS” – Music for video game tutorial (open image to watch)

Working with Game Music Town I created original music for the action shooter “Neura Mechanicus'”. Here is a tutorial video where you can hear one of my tracks. I was looking for an electronic driven, fun and epic mood!

“CHASING THE TRAIN” – Music for western action

This is a revision of a track I first created back in 2011 when I was at Berklee College of Music, that was selected to be recorded with live orchestra. This new version (2022) is more modern Western style, more organic, using fiddles, guitars, dulcimers, banjo, harmonica and native american flutes.

“STAR WARS ECLIPSE” Trailer – String solo performance (open image to listen)

Working with composer Nima Fakhrara I had the chance to arrange and perform strings on the upcoming Star Wars video game “Eclipse” trailer! The track demanded the combination of strong pulses and fast ostinatos, while at the same time being creative by modifying the strings sound.

“BENITO” – Original score for the drama short film 

The short film “Benito” tells the story of young Benito Perez Galdos, a well known Spain novelist. The score demanded a modern film music approach using organic string arrangements that go from small to bigger ensembles. The tone is a mix of romantic, youthful and nostalgic. All live strings were recorded by myself.

“CITY IN HEAVEN” – Music for video game main menu

“City in Heaven” is a track written (working with Game Music Town) for a TCG & Deck Builder online game main menu. The use of synthesizers was the approach to create an elevated tone that was required to immerse the player in the game ambience.

“A NEW HERO” – Music for superhero comic book

This track is an original theme created to promote an upcoming online comic book about a teenager that becomes a superhero and has to find his way and make decisions choosing between light and darkness.

“BATTLE OF TITANS” – Music for video game battle

This track was made for a video game battle section that demanded to be big orchestral driven  with heavy percussion and epic melodies. The track also required be loopable keeping the high intensity.

“THE ARRIVAL” – Music for action video game cinematic

Music made for an action video game cinematic intro in the way of Warhammer 40,000, where futuristic soldiers arrive in a mysterious hostile planet to fight against alien enemies. The style is strongly synth driven to give it a futuristic tone, combined with heavy orchestral brass and percussion.

THE FIRE AND THE ARROW” – Music for epic/adventure video game

Themes suite made for a video game in the way of “Prince of Persia”. The instrumentation has a strong reference to Middle Eastern and Ancient Persian instruments combined with modern pulses and Byzantine choir.

“EXTRAORDINARY POWERS” – Music for superheroes animation show 

Music theme created for a TV animation show in the way of X-Men that required a catchy melody and a retro sound touch.

“EXEMPLAR” – Additional music for the documentary

I had the chance to score a few scenes from this beautiful documentary and also to perform solo strings on other cues by composer KC Porter.

“SANCTIONING EVIL” – Additional music for the motion picture

Original score for the action thriller “Sanctioning Evil”, an intense revenge story in which a discharged military is hired to fight human trafficking. The score uses hybrid pulses for action scenes and melodic themes for other parts of the movie to bring emotional moments the main character goes through.

“GUIDANCE” soundtrack has been released! (open image to listen)

The soundtrack for “Guidance” is out! Released by Plaza Mayor Company (UK based record label), this is one of my most demanding works. Working for talented director Neysan Sobhani, this Chinese production demanded a very stylish and accurate string solos driven score to narrate the emotional conflict between the two main characters. Mixed by Adam Schmidt (who’s credits include “Inception”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Dark Knight Rises”), most of the tracks are a combination of live string solos, bigger string ensembles and synth instruments.

“THE RESCUE” – Music for action sequence

Epic action track created for a first- person shooter like action short film in the way of the “Call of Duty” games. The tone had to be intense with and epic/fun tone to take the main character to the edge of the situation, where he has to rescue a group of prisoners crossing a battlefield full of enemies.

“LA PIEL DEL VOLCAN” soundtrack has been released! (open image to listen)

Soundtrack released by Plaza Mayor Company and mixed by Adam Schmidt (“Sun Children”, “Rush”, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”). This emotional score tells three different stories that happen in three different times in history and are interrelated. The action takes place in the present, the 1940´s and the XVth Century. The score uses folkloric Canary Islands ancient instruments and emotional big string ensemble to narrate the difficulties the main characters go through and that all share across time. The use of synthesizers support action scenes.

“A CALM PLACE” – Music for behind the scenes video

Track made for a feature film behind the scenes video. I tried to get a delicate and emotional tone using string orchestra and simple piano.

“EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM” – Additional music for the motion picture

Original score for the action thriller “Every Last One Of Them” (starring Oscar nominee  “Richard Dreyfuss” and “Paul Sloan”) that tells the story of an ex-black ops soldier desperate to find his missing daughter. The movie required an intense score to tell tension moments and fast-paced action scenes. The last scene is a 7 minute long emotional solo cello cue supported by a big melodic string orchestra to end the movie with an emotional and epic tone.

“TAKE BACK” – Original score for the motion picture

Starring Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke, this film tells the story of a police officer that has to rescue her daughter after being kidnapped. The score is made with simple hybrid rhythms and percussion pulses that build up the intensity towards the to enhance the tension of the storyline.

“BECKY” – Additional music for the motion picture (open image to listen)

“Becky” (starring “Kevin James”) is a cat-and-mouse thriller movie about a rebellious teenager that has to confront a group of home invaders that kidnap her family. The score brings a fun/heavy synth driven sound combined with pushed-to-the-limit vocals.


“ALONE” – String arrangements/string performance (open image to listen)

“Alone” is a horror thriller about a kidnapped widow who is pursued by a cold-blooded killer after she escapes from his remote cabin. I had the chance to do string arrangements and solo string performances creating textures on Nima Fakhrara’s creative score. The soundtrack is now available on online platforms!

“THE WARDEN” – String arrangements/string performance (open image to listen)

“The Warden” is a mystery drama film about the warden of a prison, that is being evacuated for expansion whilst one of the prisoners is missing. The film was selected at Venice International Film Festival in 2021. I created string arrangements and performed solo violin on Ramin Kousha’s excellent score, having the chance to co-create the main theme!

“FLEET OF SKYSHIPS” – Music for animation adventure

This big orchestral track is in the way of Hollywood animation adventure films, using a fanfarre like theme and an upbeat rhythmic support.

“THE FACTORY” – Music for animation comedy

This is an orchestral based track that was made for animation comedy. The style was made with a reminiscence of orchestral scores by composers  Jerry Goldsmith and John Debney.

“THE BREAKDOWN” soundtrack has been released! (open image to listen)

The soundtrack for “The Breakdown” has been released by Plaza Mayor Company! In 2020 I had the chance to score director David Codeglia’s comedy “The Breakdown”, a story about a high school music band that gets stuck in a motel during a road trip on their way to a music bands festival in California. The score I created required some funk driven cues and some others more orchestral, combining fantasy adventure and emotional drama.

“SPACE FORCE” – Music for fantasy sci-fi

Music track made in the style of 90´s space fantasy movies, purely orchestral with an adventurous/exploring tone.

“LAND OF ANGELS” – Music for fantasy epic

Music track with a lyrical tone and an epic emotional pace driven by a solo female angelical voice.

“SURVIVE THE NIGHT” – Additional music (open image to listen)

In 2020 I had the chance to work with composer Nima Fakhrara on creating the score for the action thriller “Survive the Night”, starring actor Bruce Willis. The story is about a family that is held hostage in their own home by runaway criminals. On this score I had the chance to compose original music and arrange and perform fiddle to give it a Southern tone.

“AIR ATTACK” – Music for action/epic

Fully orchestral track with an epic action tone made in the way of scores like 90’s “Independence Day”. For this track I analyzed some of David Arnold’s cues and applied their film scoring techniques to my original track.

“TREASURE HUNTERS” – Music for animation adventure

Music track made in the way of animation adventure films, with the use of epic melodies and upbeat pulse.

“TO THE FINAL” – Music for action/sports

Music track made for action and sports videos, highly upbeat and epic, modern action film music instrumentation based.

“THE FURY OF THE SKIES” – Music for action/epic

Modern action track, upbeat, heavy pulse and big brassy based, intended to be used on big epic action scenes.

“THE FORGOTTEN” – Original score for the western short film (open image to watch)

“The Forgotten” is a 2018 Western short film where two women must defy the bigotry of their time to safe an innocent life. The score required an original fiddle based tune, with a cold emotional tone. The theme had to be catchy and to represent the time and the situation the main characters are suffering. There is also use of a bigger string ensemble to sound heavier and dramatic in the back of dialogue.

“CURSED HUNTER” – Music for action/epic

I made this original track using Carl Maria von Weber’s “Der Freischutz” thematic material to develop into a modern action film music track, using modern instrumentations to make it sound big and epic. I first re-orchestrated Weber’s theme to later on create thematic variations and modern action rhythms.

“LOS OJOS DE LA TIERRA” soundtrack has been released! (open image to listen)

“Los Ojos de la Tierra” (“The Land’s Eyes”) is a Spain 30 minute short film about a group of Spaniard conqueror’s who encounter native resistance and end up violently fighting. The soundtrack has just been released by label Plaza Mayor Company. On this work I used alternative instrumentations and distorted vocals that are ambiguous in style, emotional/dramatic big string orchestra and a few ethnic instruments developed from folkloric animal sounds from the Canary Islands (like a solo violin imitating the sound of an eagle or a modified chant voice imitating the sound of a wild hog).

“VALHALLA” – Music for adventure video game

Music track made working with Game Music Town for the video game “Valhalla”. This is the main menu music for the adventure game about a viking that fights different Scandinavian mythology gods.

“THE GIANT SERPENT” – Music for adventure video game

Music track made working with Game Music Town for the video game “Valhalla”. This is a loop track made for a battle level where the main character encounters a mythological giant snake.

“SPACE GAMES” – Music for video game main menu

Working with Game Music Town I created this fantasy track for a space adventure online game. This track was intended to be used for the main menu and needed an uplifting positive and a bit dangerous tone.

“RADIOFLASH” – String arrangements/string solo (open image to listen)

In a dystopian future, a tech-savvy teenager and her father flee the city and seek refuge with her grandfather deep in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. I had the chance to collaborate with composer Ramin Kousha on creating thematic material, string arrangements and performing solo violin on this sci-fi score!

“SERIAL DATER” – Original score for the dark comedy short film (open image to listen)

American short film that was part of LA/Action/Crime/Thriller Festival in 2020. This is a dark comedy that required a dark tone music score in the way of some of Bernard Herrmann’s work for Alfred Hitchcock movies. Really had fun doing this one!

“BEYOND WHITE SPACE – O DEATH” – Song arrangement (open image to listen)

A deep space fishing vessel encounters a massive mammoth-like creature in the furthest reaches of the universe. Amid an obsessive pursuit of the creature, the crew knocks on the door of danger. I co-created the score for this action/horro sci-fi movie in collaboration with composer Nima Fakhrara. This one required a big deep action brassy/percussion driven sound and some cues more horror strings driven. The end credits song “O Death” is an arrangement we created with deep men choir and deep low sounds.

“LA CUEVA DE LAS MUJERES” soundtrack has been released! (open image to listen)

The soundtrack for the Spain 30 minute short film “La Cueva de las Mujeres” has just been released by UK based label Plaza Mayor Company! The score combines melodic thematic material, film noir style music and some ethnic instrumentation. The story is about a group of women that are prosecuted for trying to keep their ancestral based rituals which are considered to be witchy to some of the authorities.












“DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN” – String arrangements/string performance (open image to listen)

“Detroit: Become Human” is a top-selling video game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment with release on PS4. Composer Nima Fakhrara created the score for the playable character Connor. I had the chance to collaborate with Nima arranging and performing strings on some of the big action cues.

“DESOLATE” – Additional music/string solo performance for the motion picture (open images to listen)

In 2018 I collaborated with composer Nima Fakhrara creating the score for the apocalyptic drama “Desolate”. The movie is about a man that, betrayed by his family, struggles for survival and revenge in an unfamiliar land. Having been forced into a dangerous and destructive life, the man comes to terms with what it means to be a Stone. I had the chance to create alternative string sounds and heavy synth driven instrumentation, and a lyrical violin solo baroque style driven theme for the opening scene.








4 different themes for a tv spot – Superhero theme

This is are four different options I created for a well-known insurance company’s commercial with a super hero tone!

“THE LIFE OF CAROLE LOMBARD” – Original score for the documentary (play video to watch)

This documentary tells the story of Carole Lombard, an American actress, particularly noted for her energetic, often off-beat roles in screwball comedies. In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Lombard 23rd on its list of the greatest female stars of Classic Hollywood Cinema. I created the score for this wonderful documentary composing different tracks in the way of more modern screwball comedies to give the artist a sense of timelessness.

“THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST” – Original score for the motion picture (open image to listen) [2018 Original Score Oscars contender]

“The Second Coming of Christ” is an American/European production film about an atheist female scientist who, at the end of times, discovers that true Faith can bring miracles. I created the score for this drama using orchestra for some of the cues and Middle Eastern ethnic instruments for the moments we go back in time. For the ending I composed a free style baroque requiem based tune with the solo violin as the le instrument. The score ended up being part of the 2018 Original Score Oscars contender list!

“LATE BLOOMER: MONARCH METAMORPHOSIS” – Original music for the online TV Series (play video to watch)

Original music for Kaye Kittrell “Late Bloomer’s” episode “Monarch Metamorphosis”. This is an online TV series that started in 2012. Kaye chronicles her first edible garden in episodes of the web series Late Bloomer. This solo violin performance is an improvisation made exclusively for this video.

“TOXIC SHARK” – Additional music for the motion picture (open image to listen)

Action horror movie about a shark that attacks a group of tourists that are spending their Summer vacation at the beach. This is a fully orchestral driven action/horror score in the way of Hollywood big action movies that I created in collaboration with composer Nima Fakhrara.

“LA TRIBU DE LAS 7 ISLAS” soundtrack has been released! (open  image to listen)

The soundtrack for “La Tribu de las 7 Islas” has been released by Plaza Mayor Company! This is a beautiful project I worked on in 2017. The film is about a group of different tribes members that have to unite in order to safe their world fro an evil force. It is a fantasy adventure movie with a reminiscence to 80’s fantasy movies like for example “The Never Ending Story”, “The Goonies”, the original “Star Wars” trilogy and “Legend”. Having grown up during those years, for me this was a nostalgic, emotional and fun experience where I had the chance to create film music in an old school way, bringing back some classic ways of creating motives and themes. I also re-adapted ethnic instrumentations with synthesizers in the way they used to do back in the 80’s.

“THE BODY TREE” soundtrack has been released! (open image to listen)

Plaza Mayor Company, UK based record label, just released the soundtrack for “The Body Tree”. I created the score in 2017 for the this American/European production, a horror story about a group of friends that attend their friend’s funeral in Siberia while trying to solve her mysterious death. The score combines ethnic Siberian instruments, deep ethnic low male voice and a more synth driven sound.

“THE CITY” – Music for video game main menu

Main menu music theme created working with Game Music Town for the role-playing game “Legends of Crystal”, to be released on Android and Microsoft Windows. This is a minimalistic fantasy/sci-fi style track created with synthesizers sounds.

“THE FOUNTAIN” – Music for animation/fantasy

Orchestral music track created for a fantasy animation show for a well-known Hollywood studio. The style is based on 90’s scores in the way of composers like  James Newton Howard and John Debney’s music.

“PRETEXT” – Drama short film (open image to watch)

A film exploring sexual assault and the repercussions of the criminal justice system’s investigative process. The score is made of a deep sound dismally fiddle theme that narrates the mood the characters go through due to  the difficulty of the situation.

“MAH” soundtrack has been released! (open image to listen)

The “Man” soundtrack has been released by Plaza Mayor Company. This 30 minutes short film about a mother that has to protect her son from the attack of enemies. For the score I had to create a sound world made with electronics that imitate ancient instruments and haunting vocals. The mother theme is a solo modified string melody with a sweeter character than the rest of the score.

“2 LAVA 2 LANTULA!” – Additional music for the motion picture (open image to listen)

This is the sequel to Lavalantula, where a celebrated movie star, Colton West, leaves the sets of his latest blockbuster to save his family from giant lava-spewing spiders. This is a big orchestral score that I co-composed in collaboration with composer Nima Fakhrara. Full of action cues, an epic main theme and massive sound for the giant spiders the main characters have to confront.

“TANTEI NO TANTEI” – Additional music for the TV mini series (open image to listen)

“Tantei no tantei” is a 2015 Japanese TV mini series that I co-created with composers Nima Fakhrara and Drew Denton. In the story, Sasaki Rena is an investigator who works for Suma Research Agency. After the murder of her sister by her stalker, Sasaki is determined to find the detective who didn’t prevent her death. The soundtrack has been released by Pony Canyon Inc. and the cues vary in style, going from more electronic to orchestral. “Come And Get Me” is one of the tracks I created, using uplifting drum and electronic beats and a lyrical high register violin solo melodic theme.

“RESIDENT EVIL: REVELATIONS 2” Main menu theme –  String solo performance (open image to listen)

In 2015 I had the amazing chance to work on the new “Resident Evil” game: “Revelations 2”. I performed solo violin on Nima Fakhrara’s “Resident Evil” original theme arrangement for the main menu. This is one of the most well-known video game sagas in history and has been developed by developer Capcom!