Navid Hejazi is a winning award film composer whose credits include productions from Hollywood studios such as 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures and video game companies such as Capcom, among others. He is winner of the FCVM 2013, international Chile’s film festival.

Navid Hejazi was born in Madrid, Spain. He was raised in a family with strong artistic traditions. At the age of 5, Navid started playing violin and at the age of 15 started his studies in harmony, counterpoint and composition. After graduating from Madrid Royal Conservatory with a degree in Violin Performance, he moved to the US to continue his studies in composition and film music at Berklee College of Music. During his childhood Navid fell in love with movies and since then his focus has been scoring motion pictures.

Navid is part of Zoo Creatives, a film music studio in Los Angeles run by composer Nima Fakhrara, and has been involved in different productions from all around the world including titles like “The Signal”, “The Pyramid”, “Resident Evil: Revelations 2” and “Detroit: Become Human”. He is also co-founder of Game Music Town, a music production company that specializes in creating original music for video games and mobile apps.